We have listened to your feedback, and are excited to provide the biggest update to ichi.gg to date. We have been working to make ichi.gg an even better product. This new update makes the site faster, easier to use and more secure than ever before.


-Implemented an anti-phishing system code for emails sent by ichi.gg.

-Added the TikTok pixel in the Pixels system.

* Introducing the new Tools system.

    * DNS lookup tool.

    * IP lookup tool.

    * SSL lookup tool.

    * Whois lookup tool.

    * Ping tool.

    * MD5 generator tool.

    * Base64 converter tool.

    * Base64 image converter tool.

    * URL converter tool.

    * Lorem ipsum generator tool.

    * Markdown to HTML tool.

    * Case converter tool.

    * UUID v4 generator tool.

    * Bcrypt generator tool.

    * Password generator tool.

    * Password strength checker tool.

    * Slug generator tool.

    * HTML minifier tool.

    * CSS minifier tool.

    * JS minifier tool.

    * User agent parser tool.

    * Website hosting checker tool.

    * Character counter tool.

    * URL parser tool.

    *  Colour converter tool.

    * HTTP headers lookup tool.

    * Duplicate lines remover tool.

    * Text to speech tool.

    * IDN punnycode converter tool.

    * JSON validator & beautifier tool.

    * QR code reader tool.

    * Meta tags checker tool.

    * Exif reader tool.

    * SQL formatter/beautifier tool.

    * HTML entity converter tool.

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed URL slugs being able to have slashes in them and producing 404 not found when accessed.

-Fixed reset password not working for some particular emails.

-Other minor fixes, clean-ups and improvements.

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