Using two-factor authentication is a simple, straightforward process that offers a tremendous increase in security relative to old-fashioned, single-factor authentication. How does single-factor authentication work? It’s simple: When signing into an account, you only need to enter your password in order to gain access. However, this simplicity has major risks. If a hacker gets access to your password they now have access to your account.

Thankfully, two-factor authentication solves the problem by adding an additional step to account access — one that most hackers will not be able to perform. In addition to entering your password, you also have to input a unique code that is generated by an app on your phone. This code changes every 30 seconds, so while a hacker may have your password they don’t have the 2FA code.

It’s easy to turn on two-factor authentication for your account.

Google Authenticator – available for Android and iOS devices – is compatible with most two-factor authentication services, including There’s also LastPass Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and Authy.

Once the authenticator app is downloaded, login to Click your name -> account, and you should see “Two-factor authentication”. Make sure it says “Yes”. You will be prompted to scan the QR Code with your authenticator app. Then enter the 6 digit code generated by the app, and click update.

You’ll be prompted to enter the authentication code from your authenticator app every time you log into your account, even if you’re logging in from the same browser or device you previously used.

To disable two-factor authentication on your account, navigate to the account tab and change “Yes” to “No”. Then click “Update”

To make sure your information is safe when you access your account, you may want to consider turning two-factor authentication on.